‘Jaago Chandigarh’ Campaign Launched


Consultation Workshop on

“Making Chandigarh Girls and Women Friendly-A step towards Human Rights City”.


To commemorate International Women’s Day, on March 6, 2014 Yuvsatta-an NGO based in Chandigarh, India along with  Department cum Centre for Women Studies & Development, Panjab University and State Cell of NSS (National Service Scheme), Chandigarh organized a Consultation Workshop on “Making Chandigarh Girls and Women Friendly-A step towards Human Rights City”. Mr. Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court inaugurated the same at Golden Jubilee Hall of Panjab University, Chandigarh. In which over 150 students, NSS volunteers, teachers from 26 Colleges of the city, NGO & RWA representatives also participated.

 Mr. Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court

In his Inaugural address, Justice Surya Kant emphasized upon changing the present discriminatory mindset against the Women. He called for a need for renewed social engineering, bridging the rural urban divide and also making accountable parents for raising brats. Prof. Pam Rajput  in her presidential address, gave a critique of social system and discrimination against women by sharing her lived experiences. She stressed upon the collective outreach campaign to eradicate the gender based violence.


While dwelling upon “Problems and Possible Solutions”, Prof. Manju Verma of Punjabi University, Patiala who also associated with PDHRE (People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning), US, stressed upon holistic strategies to counter gender violence. She called for a formation of a Steering committee comprising of all stake holders. In other deliberations, the prevalence, cause and remedial strategies were deliberated upon. Implementation of laws with right mind set and gender sensitization also was emphasized. Continue reading

The 9th International Youth Peace Fest

Last year for IYPF 2013, young delegates from 30 different countries joined Yuvsatta, an NGO empowering youth for peace, in a week full of activities, programs and inspiration. Teaming up with international leaders, local colleges, universities, schools, and volunteers, the program organizers and speakers led stirring workshops on topics of environmental sustainability, international conflict, rights of girls, and building relationships.

Organized sessions were only part of the peace equation. The personal friendships and bonds created in just five days were stronger than any organizer could have planned for. After a week of eating together, learning together, playing together, and laughing together, it was clear that there was more to exchange than gifts and smiles. Continue reading




Yuvsatta first started as newspaper in 1990 by like minded youngsters studying in various Colleges and University of the city, slowly and steadily it took shape of an non-profit organization which was formally got registered in 1996 in Chandigarh city of India.

Yuvsatta’s first project was on waste management, providing gainful employment to rag-pickers and green environment to residents by ensuring door to door waste collection. This programme gradually reached out to other important north India cities as well. Volunteers of Yuvsatta were also first to start a free telephone counseling service on matters related HIV, Drug Abuse and sex in the region.

In January, 2000 in association with Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti, New Delhi, Yuvsatta organized a World Youth Conference on ‘Millennium without Violence’, at Panjab University, Chandigarh.  Sri R. Venkataraman, former President of India presided over the same and delegates of fifteen different countries participated. And at Gandhi Darshan, Raj Ghat, in New Delhi Prof. Moegiadi, Director, UNESCO, New Delhi released a book titled ‘Millenium without Violence’, on the outcomes of the Conference. Again in August, 2000, Yuvsatta organized an International Conference on ‘Need for Afro-Asian Dialogue’, youth leaders from ten different Asian and African countries participated in the endeavour.

In 2005 volunteers of Yuvsatta launched a first of its kind ‘Campaign for Peace-citIES’ in which more then 130 “Peace Clubs’ are formed till date in major educational institutions of the tricity i.e. Chandigarh-Panhkula-SAS Nagar (Mohali), where many teachers and Principals of respective schools and colleges are dedicating their time and resources to the task of making these clubs vibrant and result oriented.

Under its greentire programme, volunteers of Yuvsatta are motivating more & more people use bicycles more often in the city.

On February, 22, 2005, death anniversary of Kasturba Gandhi a small centre christen as Kasturba Gandhi Kendra was started in a slum area Bapu Dham Colony in Sector 26 of Chandigarh for socio-economic uplift of children, especially adolescent girls from marginalized sections of the society.

Yuvsatta is also successfully running a HIV/AIDS Intervention Project focusing on promoting healthy life-style amongst around 1000 sex workers in Chandigarh.


Projects of Yuvsatta like Campaign for Peace-cities, programmes on promotion of girl child in the society, socio-economic uplift of downtrodden, AIDS/Drug Abuse awareness programmes, various gandhian initiatives, promotion of Cycling, solid waste management, campaigns against pernicious social evils etc. indicate the breadth of vision that guides it. It also shows that Yuvsatta’s outlook is holistic, recognizing that the economic, the social, and the personal are inextricably linked and simultaneously interventions at the individual and mass levels are likely to bring in far more collective results than either of them alone.

 Yuvsatta’s activities have earned the unalloyed support of the community and the media. The support has a reason. It is Yuvsatta’s commitment and its willingness to share its expertise with others. It has been our belief that knowledge, if shared, grows. As more minds get involved, time taken to devise and implement solutions is shortened. As more creative ideas are available, new strategies can be devised.


“Based upon contributions of youth, to create peace-cities around the world with people living in harmony with man & nature.”


We envision a world where all people are equally respected, fully protected and universally realized.  Included in this vision is a world where all young people – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, gender or other differences – are encouraged and empowered to non-violently claim their own rights and serve as advocates for the rights of others.

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