Aware Girls

Aware Girls is young women-led organization working for women’s empowerment, gender equality, and peace in Pakistan. We are working to strengthen the leadership capacity of young women, enabling them to act as agents of social change and women’s empowerment in their communities.  

Vision: Aware Girls envisions a world where women’s rights are as equally respected as human rights, where women have control over their own lives and have equal access to Education, Employment, Governance, Justice, Legal Support, Financial Resources, Recreation, Health– specifically Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Social Services.

Mission: The mission of Aware Girls is to empower young women, advocate for equal rights of young women, and to strengthen their capacity enabling them to act as agents of women’s empowerment and Social Change.

Major Objectives: 

o     To advocate for 50/50 opportunities for women in Employment, Decision making, access to Financial Resources and Social Services

o     Capacity building of young women in leadership

o     To promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Young Women and to strengthen the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Sexual and Reproductive Health.

o     To organize and strengthen the capacity of young people, enabling them to actively contribute towards sustainable development, social change, women’s empowerment, equity, justice, equality, peace, non-violence and tolerance in society


•      Women’s Rights and Human Rights Protection

•      Combating Violence Against Women

•      Strengthening Leadership and Political Empowerment of Young Women

•      Promoting Youth Activism for promoting peace and combating religious extremism

•      Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights of Youth especially for young women

•      Economic Empowerment of Young Women


Human Rights & Development Organization (HRDO)

HRDO, Human Rights & Development Organization, located in Mardan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, is a non-government, non-political, non-ethnical and non-profit organization. It was founded in 2005 by a group of enthusiastic social workers who agreed to unite their individual struggles on the common cause of sensitizing, mobilizing, serving, and delivering the rights of the marginalized segments of society. The founders were media reps, lawyers and volunteers both female and male.

As a newly established organization, HRDO has a long way to go to get the recognition and trust of society. HRDO, from the day it was founded, started its struggle to justify the purpose of its establishment. HRDO, with its own spirit and resources arranged to develop a network of volunteers at UCs level. The organization was successful in hosting events like seminars, debates and walks under the title of Basic Human Rights, Environmental Awareness, Education for All, and Health.

Furthermore, HRDO struggled and fought against social evils like SWARA (a harmful tradition wherein females are given in compensation for crimes committed by males) in the district of Mardan. HRDO led a successful media campaign against SWARA. The district administration and police took the issue seriously and launched an operation against all the evildoers.

HRDO played its role actively, in Mardan district, to facilitate and rehabilitate the victims of the flash floods in August 2006. The organization worked with the health department to hold health camps and vaccination programs in various UCs of Mardan.

The turning point for HRDO was its joining of MDF, Mardan Development Forum, in 2007. MDF is sponsored by SPO Peshawar. HRDO worked on the forum for a period of a year and in the year 2008 the organization’s president was elected as coordinator of MDF for two years, and in the election of 2010 HRDO continued to retain the post for next two years, until 2012.

HRDO is member of SPO Peshawar on MDF forum and Human Rights Cluster for District Mardan; it is a partner of IRSP in District WASH forum, other affiliations are with Action Aid, Aurat Foundation and District Government Mardan.

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