The International Day of the Girl Child campaign in Mongolia

Mongolia’s Princess Center launched a month-long International Day of the Girl Child campaign on Oct, 11 2013.

The International Day of the Girl Child campaign, Mongolia

  1. Media: The Princess Center held a press conference at the MN25 TV press conference hall and distributed press releases to more than 30 media representatives. The press conference was vibrant and the journalists in attendance were enthusiastic to learn about the background of the cause and its current status in Mongolia. The press conference was a success, as the public received information about the International Day of the Girl Child, and Mongolian campaign in particular. After the official launch of the campaign, the Princess Center used social media platforms (Facebook and twitter) to regularly update the public and keep people interested in the campaign. Campaigners have also given many interviews to different TV stations. Continue reading

Nominated Asian Girl Ambassador 2013: Tserenbaljir Mandakh (1st Asian Girl Rights Award Winner)

Name: Tserenbaljir Mandakh Organization: Mongolia’s The Princess Center for the Protection of Girl’s and Young Women’s Rights Awards/Achievements: 1) Client turned advocate;  2) Board member and club coordinator at Young Mothers’ Club, The Princess Center Introduction I was born on July 17, 1995 and now … Continue reading

Erdenetuul from Mongolia (Asian Girl Ambassador 2012)

ErErdenetuul Batkhuyag is a 15-year-old Mongolian student and youth worker. She lives with her family in a “ger” community outside the capital city of Ulan Bator. “Ger” is the Mongolian word for a traditional home, and large communities of them lie outside the country’s big cities. People from these communities, especially girls and women, often live difficult lives and are cut off from Mongolia’s commercial districts and public services.

Like thousands of other girls in ger communities, Erdenetuul has a lot of responsibilities at home. In fact, a lot have so many household chores to do that they end up neglecting their schoolwork. Erdenetuul feels that her decision to join the local youth development program saved her from this kind of lifestyle. At the youth club, she learned a lot of new skills, including how to operate a computer and work on the internet, and she now helps teach others.

Erdenetuul and the MYDSC

Erdenetuul tutoring a girl in the primary school.

Erdenetuul tutoring a girl in the primary school.

The MYDSC (Mongolian Youth Development Services Center) empowers young people, teaching them life skills and organizing youth social entrepreneurship programs, such as internet and training centers. Erdenetuul helped to establish one of these centers, and she works there four days a week, helping people open email accounts and search for information.

In addition to her work at the internet and training center, Erdenetuul and the other club members have set up a volunteer scheme to help elderly and disabled people in the community, and they’ve also organized competitions and events to raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and drinking alcohol.

Erdenetuul’s Future Plans

Erdenetuul says that girls from ger communities have little access to computers and the internet. To change that, she wants to set up a girls’ internet club. She also wants to change people’s attitudes towards the physical and sexual abuse women and girls face in Mongolia.

She has big plans for the future, and most of them involve helping others. (By Andrew Crosthwaite)

You can view her PowerPoint Presentation here