The Peace Gong condemns Badaun gang rape; demands a CHILD-FRIENDLY INDIA

The horrific sexual attack on two teenage girls who were subsequently hanged on a tree in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh has shamed us. This primitive act demands strong condemnation from each and every individual of the society. We, children and teenagers associated with The Peace Gong, are absolutely shocked.

The Peace Gong team demand stern and strong action against the culprits for such a horrendous crime. All decision makers must come together and also include us (children) in fighting the stereotypes and vulnerabilities of our peers. Special thrust and priority should be given to protection of children across the country.

This incident once again raises questions on the state of the safety and security of girls and women in the country. It is very unfortunate that in one of the largest democracies in the world, women and girls continue to be unsafe and their dignity  at stake.

Incidents like these are a grim reminder of the serious vulnerabilities of children, especially girls in all spheres of life. We want to ask a simple question to all our elders- where can children, especially girls say that they are safe?

Unfortunately not much is happening and our rights continue to be encroached upon. We continue to live in great insecurity- both in public places and in institutions.

Age-old stereotypes, lack of quality education, caste practices and many other ills contribute to the insecure conditions. A large number of homes across the country still do not have basic toilet facilities in their homes. We are all shocked to learn that these girls too did not have such facilities in their homes and hence are forced to go out in the open. Basic facilities like sanitation are urgent requirements in many areas across the country, which can contribute to overall feeling of security among vulnerable girls.

The killings of girls show that our Government and other institutions have not learnt any lesson from the series of similar crimes in the past. Mere lip service is not enough.


-From The Peace Gong Team (The Peace Gong is a children’s newspaper that brings together children from different parts of the country and also abroad to write on different issues affecting them)

Editor: Ramsheena, Class XI, Farooq College HS School, Calicut, Kerala

Sonam Yangdol, Class XI; Faizan Aslam Bhatt, Class XII; Samina Kausar, Class XI; Athisum Fatima Khan, Class X; Andleep Fatima Ansari, Class 11; Ruksana Bano , Class VIII, Yasmeen, Class XIII; Shamima Akhter, Class VIII (Jammu and Kashmir)

Prithwi Ranjan Das, Class- VIII; Suchismita Chakraborty, Class-IX, Devarprita Dev, Class X; Mrigank Mouli Chakraborty, Class IX; Priyaranjan Dar, Class XII (Tripura)

Navya K Chandran, Class X; Ananthapadmanabhan, Class X; Reshma, Class X; Anjana, Class X; Fayza, Class X; Akshay, Class X; Sabeena, Class X; Amal Dev, Class X; Febin, Class X (Kerala)


Kaveri Barman , Class IX; Samiran Kalita, Class VIII; Mamtaz Begum, Class-IX; Safiqul Ali, Class- VIII; Pradip Baishya , Class IX (Assam)


Asiya Naqvi, Class XII (Uttar Pradesh)

Medicare Hospital Foundation

India_Mulgi Vachva Abhiyan

Medicare Hospital Foundation started a movement “Save Girl Child” on January 3, 2012 on the anniversary of social reformer and women/girls’ rights activist, Savitribai Phule. Based on the latest census (2011), the overall child sex ratio for the state of Maharashtra is 833 girls for 1000 boys and for the district of Pune, it is 873 girls for 1000 boys, while the ideal is 951 girls for 1000 boys. So, there is need for campaigns and stricter implementation of laws.

Medicare Hospital Foundation celebrates the birth of a baby girl in various ways, including waiving the hospital bill, so that the girl is not seen as a financial burden, but an asset. The movement has influenced other doctors, who promised to stop sex determination tests and abortions. Local village leaders in different districts have also pledged to save the girl child in different ways. Ahmednagar’s Karawadi village head held special meeting, and promised to monitor preganant women, reporting cases of female foeticide. In Solapur district, the Vanjarwadi village head announced prize money for those who stop female foeticide. Others passed a resolution to invest money in fixed deposit in a girl child’s name. A doctor following Dr. Ganesh Rakh’s example, said, although it was impossible for him to waive all charges, he charges only half the normal bill.

Nominated Asian Girl Ambassador 2013: Thansila Muyyarikkandy (Finalist)


Name: Thansila Muyyarikkandy

Organization: India’s The Peace Gong

Awards/Achievements: 1) Wayanad Shishu Panchayat President; 2) Shishu Panchayat Micro Finance Bank Founder; 3) Chief editor of Peace Gong Kerala; 4) Media literacy head of AFRC INDIA



I am the president of Wayanad Shishu Panchayat (a national movement aimed at educating people in India about democracy and children’s rights). I led a group representing my home state of Tamilnadu in a UN-supported youth consultation on the UN Millennium Development Goals, an event which was organized by youth-led development agency Restless Development. At Wayanad, I performed many tasks including leading a group of girls to conduct the UN My World Survey and coordinating a youth conference on volunteerism. Continue reading