‘Jaago Chandigarh’ Campaign Launched


Consultation Workshop on

“Making Chandigarh Girls and Women Friendly-A step towards Human Rights City”.


To commemorate International Women’s Day, on March 6, 2014 Yuvsatta-an NGO based in Chandigarh, India along with  Department cum Centre for Women Studies & Development, Panjab University and State Cell of NSS (National Service Scheme), Chandigarh organized a Consultation Workshop on “Making Chandigarh Girls and Women Friendly-A step towards Human Rights City”. Mr. Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court inaugurated the same at Golden Jubilee Hall of Panjab University, Chandigarh. In which over 150 students, NSS volunteers, teachers from 26 Colleges of the city, NGO & RWA representatives also participated.

 Mr. Justice Surya Kant, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court

In his Inaugural address, Justice Surya Kant emphasized upon changing the present discriminatory mindset against the Women. He called for a need for renewed social engineering, bridging the rural urban divide and also making accountable parents for raising brats. Prof. Pam Rajput  in her presidential address, gave a critique of social system and discrimination against women by sharing her lived experiences. She stressed upon the collective outreach campaign to eradicate the gender based violence.


While dwelling upon “Problems and Possible Solutions”, Prof. Manju Verma of Punjabi University, Patiala who also associated with PDHRE (People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning), US, stressed upon holistic strategies to counter gender violence. She called for a formation of a Steering committee comprising of all stake holders. In other deliberations, the prevalence, cause and remedial strategies were deliberated upon. Implementation of laws with right mind set and gender sensitization also was emphasized. Continue reading

Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan women and Children (LCSAWC)

Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan women and Children (LCSAWC) is an independent, social and legal non for profit, non-political and non-governmental organization established in 1974 by the name of Afghan women lawyers council and was re-shaped in 1997 in Pakistan from association to Organization. The organization was established by a committed team to respond to the needs of Afghan women and children from the legal perspective within the civil societies and communities. The organization is striving for the welfare and progress with focus on empowerment of women.

The organization is currently focused on four major thematic areas as

  1. Public awareness rising,
  2. Provision of Legal consultancies and assistance
  3. Capacity building of legal/ Judiciary professionals
  4. Establishment and Strengthening of link between public and Judiciary officials

LCSAWC is currently providing its services in Kabul, Maidan Wardak and Balkh provinces and has its main office in Kabul, Afghanistan.
The organization has implemented twenty-eight projects and has three ongoing projects in three provinces of the country viz Heart, Ghazni, Balkh, Logar, Parwan, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Kandahar, Maidan Wardak, Badakhshan, and Kabul provinces. Currently the organization is providing services in Kabul, Badakhshan, and Balkh provinces.
These projects include. Constitution and Loya Jirga, Peace, Elections, Family Rights, advocacy course, women manual, Family Rights, a day workshop, a day workshop and publishing a booklet, Happy women, happy family, Citizenship, etc for the interest of general society and especially for women.

These projects have delivered a unanimous Constitution which guarantees equal and just treatment to all Citizens without discrimination, the resulting legal framework in the country for implementing the justice and rule of law and the awareness in society that has raised the voice of public. Moreover the people are electing their representatives to run the state affairs including President, Parliament members and local governments. The peace process of coordinating all society groups and individuals and raising their grievances to ruling class have resulted a considerable piece in society.


Core Area of LCSAWC Operations

Citizen Participation:

LCSAWC engaged in organizing numerous awareness raising projects to encourage Afghan Citizens to obtain registration civil cards for National Identity Card, birth certificate, land ownership, marriage certificate. LCSAWC has also served has data bank and has delivered number of research projects to identify provinces and locations that have not obtain registration cards. LCSAWC is currently actively engaged with different stockholders to identify source of funding to encourage different targets areas to encourage Afghan citizen for obtaining their civil cards. Different donor’s funder projects implemented to Citizen Participation.

Capacity building:

In order to economically support and build the capacity of individuals The organization had its projects for Capacity building which was funded by various national and international donors in completion of these projects the organization has its satisfaction that more than 400 from different organizations in mazar and badakhshan were advantaged in these projects through trainings and workshops it is mentionable that LCSAWC continuing projects in capacity building.

Human rights & violence against women:

The focus of LCSAWC in human rights is upholding women rights and social rights awareness about human rights according to Shari ‘a for families and social in general in.

Peace building among people:

LCSAWC focus on its completion of each project is to increase peace building among people by preventing and eliminating violence against women, awareness programs for people conducting workshops and trainings for human rights in many provinces of Afghanistan.

Community mobilization:

As LCSAWC is engaged in legal awareness services to Afghan citizens considering this LCSAWC is committed to participate in mobilize community understanding community cultures which has badly affected the life for Afghan women and men. LCSAWC has engaged in number of campaign groups and initiatives to eliminate BAD (Afghan culture of exchanging girls), forced and child marriages, exchange of girls, Toyana (Afghan culture of paying money for marriages), combating Rape and adultery. LCSAWC provides the support for combating above mentioned norms through its various advocacies and civil empowerment groups.

Education, gender and advocacy:

The organization has provided valuable services in education and awareness rising sector. LCSAWC has been implementing two projects of UNHCR and UNIFEM/Asia Foundation in Kabul Province. The scopes of these projects were to increase the knowledge and awareness especially of women, in regards to Afghanistan Civil Laws, criminal laws, commercial laws etc.

Welfare services:

By establishing family welfare clinics LCSAWC has provided services in regards to legal consultancies and rights of the people to almost 18000 Women and men in Balkh and Kabul Provinces.

Our Achievements

Democracy, Human Rights, elections and peace building:

LCSAWC has implemented quality services in the field of democracy, support to elections and peace building in the country. LCSAWC has implemented nine projects in Heart, Ghazni, Balkh, Badakhshan, Logar, Parwan, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Kandahar, Maidan Wardak and Kabul provinces. Awareness rising activities related to democracy and human rights which constitutes an integral component of socio-political aspect of the communities were undertaken for almost 12000 women and men. The target groups were provided with messages on democracy, women rights, human rights, and voting, individual roles in voting process, Afghanistan constitution and peace building. These projects were funded by UNIFEM, DED, GTZ, Asia Foundation and NED.


LCSAWC had many publications from the date of its establishment till date such as a manual for the purpose of police roles and responsibilities, a manual which is guidance for family rights, and many other success stories, brochures and booklets, recently a brochure based on elimination of violence against women in the campaign week.

Visit Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan women and Children (LCSAWC) webpage here: http://lcsawc-afg.org/


Chand Welfare Foundation

Chand Welfare Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political, developmental organization of NWFP, working for the women and children development. Chand Foundation is an Urdu word meaning (Moon) a symbol of light, guidance and hope.

Chand Foundation work in the following thematic areas:
– Education
– Health
– Advocacy & Human Rights
– Income Generation

CWF is facilitating children with free education. We running two programs:
1) Education for children with disability
2) Education for child labor

CWF is also focusing on health issues of women & children. As people living here are mostly belongs to rural area where literacy rate is very low & they are also unaware of their hygienic conditions as they are living below to the poverty line so they do not take account of their health conditions. CWF is potentially working on this & constantly aware them by advocacy campaigns & seminars etc.

Chand Welfare Foundation has different vocational centers in different areas in KPK Peshawar to encourage women to earn & enhancing their skills. We not only improving their skills but also holding sessions to make them aware of their rights.