East Asia Sub-regional Conference on Human Rights & Dignity of Asian Girls (Building Girl Friendly Cities), Hong Kong, September 22-23

This exciting event at Lap-Chee College, Hong Kong University on 22-23 September 2015 is organized by the Garden of Hope Foundation in partnership with Lap-Chee College and The Women’s Foundation, Hong Kong.

The East Asia Sub-regional Conference on Human Rights & Dignity of Asian Girls (Building Girl Friendly Cities) follows from similar meetings for South Asia in Chandigarh last year and for Southeast Asia in Phnom Penh earlier this year. These gatherings bring our partners in the sub-regions together to learn how the Asian Girl Campaign is working on the ground, and to give activists a platform to share information with each other.

We are proud to be hosting the East Asia in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. This time, we are sending out an invitation to college students in Hong Kong to attend so we can hear the voices of Asian girls – and boys. As well as students, other leaders of the girls’ human rights movement in East Asia from Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Mongolia will be among the inspiring speakers at the conference.

The goal of the event is to explore ideas and share best practices on how to create cities in Asia where girls can live in dignity, let their voices be heard, and fulfill their full potential. Topics will focus on the needs of vulnerable girls (including LBT, new migrants and young mothers), the negative and positive roles the media can play in empowering or exploiting girls, and how young people can use structures like CEDAW to improve their situations.

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Day 1 (Tue, Sep 22)
0900-1000       Registration & Opening
1000-1200       Theme I: Gender Stereotypes and the Media
1300-1500       Theme II: Protecting Marginalized Girls through International Treaties and Local Actions
1500-1600       Sharing and Feedback

Day 2 (Wed, Sep 23)
0900-1000       Regional Partnerships in Advocating Girls’ Human Rights – Prospects and Challenges
1000-1200       Building Girl Friendly Cities – Consensus Session

See here for the full agenda.

Check here for information about the speakers.

Lap Chee College,
Jockey Club Student Village III,
The University of Hong Kong

Organized by:
The Garden of Hope Foundation
The Women’s Foundation
Lap Chee College, The University of Hong Kong

Sponsor: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan)

Girl Troubles
Girls are constantly told that they are the “other sex”. The low value placed on girls makes them vulnerable to exploitation, violence and sexual abuse. In the developing world, girls are often denied equal access to education, clean water, and healthcare, and can even be the victims of genital mutilation and human trafficking. Download the Asian Girl Campaign Action Kit, which contains fact sheets on different issues faced by Asian girls.

Why Asian Girls?
In Asia, girls are largely neglected and devalued. Selective sex abortions and infanticide are still problems in developing Asian nations, while in more developed areas of the region, girls are under constant pressure to look good and conform to unrealistic ideals, which damages their self esteem.
That’s why we want to use the Asian Girl Human Rights Campaign to:

  • Raise awareness of the problems facing Asian girls
  • Empower and invest in Asian girls
  • Challenge the Asian stereotypes about girls
  • Help Asian girls join decision-making processes
  • Help Asian girls escape violence and discrimination
  • Help parents, guardians, families… and boys value Asian girls
  • Receive 2015 campaign posters and scarves, sign up here!
  • Get the latest news from Asian Girl Campaign! Subscribe to the Asian Girl Campaign newsletter here!

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