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Asian Day of the Girl scarf

We have chosen the “Taiwan Red” floral fabric as the motif for our Day of the Girl celebrations. The design represents the world of “exciting and endless possibilities” that girls can create. Taiwan Red is a traditional pattern of the Hakka peoples, who can be found all over the Asian region.

The “fabric that ties us together” is a unified symbol to bring together girls (and boys) in different countries and regions, and from of all walks of life, in a common show of support for the Day of the Girl on October 11.

To get your hands on an Asian Day of the Girl poster or scarf contact us. Use your creativity to turn the scarf into a hat band, a tie, a fabric bracelet, a head band, a neck scarf, or a broach.

Asian Day of the Girl posters

Print out your own poster to display in your school or community. To get your hands on an Asian Day of the Girl poster, contact us.

Asian Day of the Girl flags

Small Flag (24x36cm)
Large Flag (96x144cm)

Child Protection Manual

The Child Protection manual teaches children to respect respect their own and other people’s bodies. With child-friendly language and fun activities to do in this booklet, kids will be well-informed of what to do if their bodies are not being treated properly by others. View and download it here.

Ideas for Events

Lost for ideas about what to do on October 11? Here are some of the successful projects that the Garden of Hope has been running in Taiwan for the last ten years to celebrate the Formosan Day of the Girl that may give you some inspiration. Feel free to use and adapt them to suit your needs.

Work Day

This work experience program is designed to encourage girls to develop their talents and achieve their full potential. By shadowing a professional career woman for a day, like a judge, a doctor, or an entrepreneur, girls are able to see themselves in those successful roles, raise the level of their aspirations, and learn about leadership, communication and decision-making too.

Power Camp

Led by a facilitator, girls learn about media literacy skills, how to advocate for themselves, and how to resist the pervasive mass media message that appearance is all that counts! Power Camps not only help develop girls’ potentials, but also on encouraging adults, parents, and teachers to revise their views about girls.

Rite of Initiation 

A Rite of Initiation is an event to celebrate coming of age. The ceremony is a real boost for girls’ self-esteem, and helps open their eyes to their true potential and the options available to them. Our experience has taught us that girls can become leaders of the future if you encourage them to dream, discover and grow.

Daughter Awards 

Every year we hand out Formosa Daughter Awards to girls who have made outstanding achievements in the categories of Math and Science, Courage, Community Service, Creativity, and Physical Capability. The awards are designed to serve as a catalyst to develop talented girls and raise public awareness about the potentials and the needs of girls.

Study Tour

Every year we take the winners of the Formosa Daughter Awards on a trip to somewhere new, home or abroad, where they get involved in the local community by working with organizations, businesses or the media. We also encouraged the girls to learn a skill while they are on their journey.

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