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Logos of Campaign Partners

Pakistan_Aware Girls_Logo Aware Girls, Pakistan is young women led organisation working for women empowerment, gender equality, and peace in Pakistan. Aware Girls is working to strengthen the leadership capacity of young women enabling them to act as agents of social change.
37227_131668776858494_3687177_n Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development (CVCD) strives to contribute a society whose members have an equal opportunity to a better living environment. CVCD exists to provide educational opportunities to adult and the children of oppressed, poor and deprived families.
下載 Caritas Pelletier Hall and Pelletier School, Hong Kong Pelletier Hall was founded in 1955. It provides residential care services for adolescent girls aged 13 to 18, who have behavioural and/or emotional problems, and who may require a period of group-living experience away from their families.
Pakistan_Chand Welfare Foundation Chand Welfare Foundation, Pakistan Chand Welfare Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political, developmental organization working for the women and children development. Chand is an Urdu word meaning “moon” a symbol of light, guidance and hope.
HF Hayat Foundation, Pakistan (New) Hayat Foundation works to provde services to children and women displaced due to conflict and natural disasters. The organization helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of children, youths, and women through formal and non-formal education and psycho-social services.
Transparent-White-Logo-big Jabez Christian School, Philippines The school supports all avenues of human rights. Currently, they have been financially assisting the Home of Joy Orphanage, which caters to the homeless, neglected, and abused children. The children are also enrolled in the school.
logof-fb075c8248eb3150e33d16f0d4e12871 Magic Bus, India Magic Bus is Asia’s largest mentoring organization that is working to remove some of the world’s poorest children from poverty. They train and guide local community mentors to deliver a programme that focuses on education, health and gender equity that enables young people to have more choice and control in their lives.
Marifatnoki Marifatnoki, Tajikistan Marifatnoki is an NGO that runs an English Access Microscholarship program, a Young Leader Program in three jamoats (communities) of Rasht, Tajikistan, to empower girls.
  577510_360272484089022_575603673_n Mongolian Youth Development Services Center (MYDSC) MYDSC provides evidence based development opportunities and services for Mongolian youth. MYDSC worsk and builds partnership for youth and sustainable development based on their strengths and assets.
1013575_682453085134737_6337962774324693301_n Princess Center, Mongolia The Princess center supports vulnerable young women and girls in Mongolia with an emphasis on social work services for teenage mothers, pregnant girls, victims of sexual abuse and adolescent girls and boy.
Malaysia_PS The Children logo 3 Protect and Save the Children Association, Malaysia (P.S. The Children) P.S. The Children is the only social organization in Malaysia that focuses solely on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child survivors of sexual abuse and their families.
384946_286632694710011_839606146_n Rural Institute for Development Education (RIDE) RIDE was founded in 1984. RIDE is a secular NGO registered with the government, dedicated to empowering poor and disadvantaged residents of rural Tamil Nadu, India, to improve the quality of their lives.
Cambodia_SALT_Logo SALT (Sport And Leaderships Training) Academy, Cambodia SALT Academy trains youth through a community based football program, incorporating life skills and vocational training. SALT’s Mighty Girls Program gives exceptional young female players an opportunity to undertake high level education. SALT also provides shelter for girls at risk of human trafficking.
India_SEA_logo Society for Education and Action (SEA), India SEA is an NGO loctated in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded in 2000 by community development workers and young people from 32 local fishing villages, SEA works for child rights and welfare.
img_Logo Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment in Rural Areas (SAWERA) is a women led NGO working for women and girls rights in Tribal areas of Pakistan.
inner_logo PIDT works to ameliorate social conditions of oppression and deprivation by increasing the capacities of people and the opportunities available to them so that they may design different futures for themselves.
india_sewa-inida Smart Education & Welfare Association India (SEWA) educates disadvantaged sectors of society about their rights and provides essential health and education services that empower them.
Screenshot_2014-03-26-00-53-17-1-1 Society for Empowerment & Environmental Protection (SEEP) promotes the education of girls who can’t attend schools because of financial constraints.
moving education Moving Education gives economically disadvantaged women access to education and IT training via laptops, bringing them a salary and the opportunity to pass their skills on to other women as a chain of learning and teaching.
cropped-jagriti-child-and-youth-concern-nepal Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) is a watchdog and advocate for children and youth rights in Nepal. It also involves youths in environmental protection and disaster reduction work in society.
youth-for-peace-and-democracy-bangladesh-ypd Youth for Peace And Democracy (YPD) works on youth and women’s empowerment, rights, and involves them in the role they can play in democracy and Peace Building.
nuk Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK) is a non-government national women’s development support organisation, mandated to promote gender equality, human rights and personal empowerment of women and girls in Bangladesh.
NATAK LOGO Natara Natak Pakistan strives to raise awareness about peace and human rights in Pakistan through cultural expression using the medium of Theater, Drama, and Music. They work against all forms of oppression and injustices in society as a whole.
logo INIYA UDAIYAM CHARITABLE TRUST (IUCT) works for children’s rights, especially girls’ rights.
Screenshot_2014-03-26-01-01-37-1 WE CAN GLOBAL NETWORK gathers Change Makers to end violence against women, and motivate others to join in this journey towards equality, justice and peace.
Screenshot_2014-03-26-01-05-38-1-1 The YWCA of Singapore, founded in 1875, has always been committed to meeting the needs of our society regardless of race, belief or religion, with love and compassion. The YWCA provides quality programmes, facilities and services to advance the development of women and girls in body, mind and spirit and benefit the community.
LCSAWC Logo Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan women and Children (LCSAWC) responds to the needs of Afghan women and children from the legal perspective within the civil societies and communities, striving for the welfare and progress with focus on empowerment of women.
Indonesia_Fatayat NU Fatayat NU aims for elimination of all forms of violence, injustice and poverty in the community by developing social discourse constructive, democratic and gender justice. The mission of Fatayat NU is to build critical awareness of women for equality and gender justice.
Support Humanity Organization logo Support Humanity Organization is women owned and working in rural areas of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Province Pakistan for women rights, health, education and livelihood improvement of low income groups through natural resource management.
NABAA-LOGO-ENG Naba’a is a non-political, non-profit Lebanese organization working with Palestinian and Lebanese communities. They aim to create an environment in which children and young people can develop and live in harmony, regardless of their religion, sex and nationality. They work to empower local communities and to enable their members to uphold their rights and to build a better future for themselves.
India_Medicare India Medicare waives the fees for delivery of every baby girl in their hospital.
MIssion Ishita Letter Head copy Jagriti Mission Ishita Foundation works for rights of women. They have taken the social obligation to spread awareness and bring it to the last person of the society. Since 2009, they are spreading the message in Schools, Colleges, Medical Institutes, Police Academies, Aanganwadi and Asha Workers Organizations.
logo hope and help Hope & Help (H&H) is a non-governmental organization established by a group of enthusiastic physicians and psychologists in 1998. They work to promote improvement and protection of sexual, reproductive and mental health of Republic of Armenia population through public awareness raising and training activities. Beneficiaries of the NGO are the youth, women, orphans, homeless, physically disabled, etc.
Saathi SAATHI works to address contemporary challenges being faced by Nepali women. SAATHI was a pioneering organization to break the silence around domestic violence. It has persistently continued its crusade to safeguard women and children against abuse and coercion and to empower them by making them aware of their rights and responsibilities.
IWO Logo Ittefaq Welfare Organization Chakdara is a non profitable organization which help to the people of the society in each and every aspect of life.
Transparent-White-Logo-big Christian Growth Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit, and non-stock Christian organization that partners with local churches and organizations towards evangelization and transformational development through its ministries, programs and services.
CPC Center for the Protection of Children (CPC) is a Non-Governmental Organization with the important mission to make a valuable contribution to poverty reduction amongst working whether or not homeless street children.
Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women was founded in 1997 by a group of women who are concerned about women’s rights. They arouse the public concern about sexual violence and offer help and support to women suffering from sexual violence.
Children's Legal Rights and Development Center, Inc Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center, Inc. is a legal resource human rights organization for children committed to advancing children’s rights and welfare through the provision of its services based on human rights developmental framework approach and methodologies.
961095_10154204925610691_206038291_n Zephaniah Free Education was founded by Sister Zeph when she was just 13 years old and it has been raising the status of women in Rural Pakistan through Education and Empowerment which they consider the only way to change the world and to get a new life to women of our world.
The Future is Yours The Future Is Yours chairitable, social NGO has started its activities in 2003 by implementing projects in such important spheres as Education, Culture, Social, Civil Society, Human Rights, Environment, as well as projects aimed at development of voluntary service.
DoorStepSchool_Logo The Society For Door Step School was started with the aim of addressing literacy amongst the marginalized sections of society. Their mission is to be an intrumental force that brings development to children, helping them make the transition to literacy and a brighter future.
Capture Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE) is the organization, founded and established by former women victims of human trafficking, taking object to ending inhuman sex exploitation of women and children, ensuring legal and health rights for them, helping them to live a free and dignified lives and continuously engage in activities of the SASANE.
FEDF Monogram Fatima Education and Development Foundation (FEDF) is an NGO founded in 2009 by a group of like-minded people who wanted to improve their quality of life through literacy as the first step to development. FEDF holds a highly motivated team of working professionals in health, education and community development with extensive experiences as implementing one of the strongest strategies in uniting communities is to work from and at grassroots level.
NGO Sana Sezim's logo_Kazakhstan The Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana Sezim” is officially registered as a non-governmental and non-profit organization as of May 2001 and was registered with the Institution of Public Associations in January 2004. The mission of the NGO “Sana Sezim” is building civil society and democracy through the promotion of women and children in society, developing non-violent relationships in society, and seeking to protect the rights of women and children. One of their key works is in the area of human trafficking.
Tajikistan National NGO Association Since its establishment in 2009, the Tajikistan National NGO Association has been working to unite the government and CSOs, improving the country on political, economic, and social levels. It currently has over 250 active members, and with its numerous local partners across the country, the TNNGO can stay connected with all of Tajikistan.
YHRC YHRC-Nepal is actively engaged in the education and promotion of human rights, working particularly among the youth (in school, colleges and social sector, to promote the respect, recognition and protection of the individual and collective rights and activities at the national level.


List of Campaign Partners

Afghanistan: Legal and Cultural Services for Afghan Women and Children (LCSAWC);

Armenia: Hope and Help; The Future Is Yours;

Azerbaijian: Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights; Reliable Future Youth NGO;

Bangladesh: JAAGO Foundation; Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK); Participatory Development Action Program;

Cambodia: Cambodian Volunteers for Community Development (CVCD); SALT (Sport And Leaderships Training) Academy; Daughters of Cambodia;

China: Xi’an Philanthropic Child Abuse Prevention & Aid Center

Hong Kong: Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women; Caritas Pelletier Hall & Pelletier School; The Women’s Foundation;

India: Action India; AFRC India; Anandalaya Public School; Anaravathi Mugugaian Municipal Girls High School; Arigjar Anna Girls Higher S’dary School; Bal Vidhiya Mandir S’dary School, Sirohi; Basant Public S’dary School; Christ Church College; Dindigul Educational & Economic Development Trust; GGDSD College; Govt. Girls Higher S’dary School; Govt. Girls Higher S’dary School; Govt. Girls Hodiya Snr S’dary School, Jodhpur; Govt. Girls Kanya Pathchala S’dary School, Jodhpur; Govt. Girls Snr S’dary School, Chittorgarh District; Govt. Girls Snr S’dary School, Jalore; Govt. Girls Snr S’dary School, Village & Post-Morwan, Chitt Chittorgarh District; Govt. Girls Snr Secondary Baliya School, Pali; Govt. High School, Kulathur, Pudukottai District; Govt. S’dary Girls School Malgodam, Barmer; Govt. S’dary School, Village & Post-Bavdi, Thesil-Ahore; Govt. S’dary School, Village & Post-Hothiganv, Thesil-Ahore; Govt. S’dary School, Village & Post-Korana, Thesil-Ahore; Govt. Senior S’dary School, Village & Post-Chikarda, Chittorgarh District; Govt. Snr S’dary Girls School, Antaidevi, Barmer; Govt. Snr S’dary Residency School, Udaipur; Govt. Snr S’dary School, Baggi Khana, Sirohi; Govt. Snr S’dary School, Village & Post-Chandhan, Jaisalmer District; Govt. Snr S’dary School, Village & Post-Nosra, Thesil-Ahore; Gurukul Global School; India Medicare; Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust; Iniyaudaiyam Charitable Trust; International Foundation for Crime Prevention and Victim Care (PCVC); IT Girls College; IWOVA; Jagriti MIF; Kalyanasundaram Higher S’dary School; Kastoorba Gandhi Vidyalaya; Lion Matriculation Higher Secondary School; Little Flower School; Lucknow University; MB College; Magic Bus; Maharana Partap Girls S’dary School, Barmer; Mahaveer Prasad Degree College; Manushitrust; Medicare Hospital Foundation; Nagar Nigam Degree College; National College; Netaji Subhash Candra Bose College; Nobal Welfare S’dary School, Jalore; PC Convent Higher S’dary School; Pangajam Higher S’dary School; Parvez Sagar Foundation; People’s Institute for Development and Training (PIDT); Punitha Chinnappar High School; Rural Depressed Welfare Association (RDWA); Rural Institute of Development Education; Save To Save AIDS Mission (Maharashtra & GOA); Smart Education & Welfare Association India (SEWA); Society for Education and Action (SEA); Speak India Environment Foundation; Srinivasa Rao Higher S’dary School; St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School; St. Mathew Snr S’dary School, Udaipur; Tapna Chaturvuj High School; Tata Institute of Social Science Mumbia; The Millennium School; The Society For Door Step School; We Can Global Network; Vasavi Metriculation School; Vikalp Sansthan; Yashoda Girls Degree College; Yuvsatta;

Indonesia: PW Fatayat NU; Sanggar Anak Akar; Yayasan Anak Akar;

Japan: Human Rights Now;

Kazakhstan: The Legal Center for Women’s Initiatives “Sana Sezim”;

Korea: Korea Women’s Hotline

Kyrgyzstan: Center for the Protection of Children;

Lebanon: Naba’a;

Malaysia: Malaysian Indian Youth Council Co-op Ltd; Protect and Save the Children Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur;

Mauritas: NHDC;

Mongolia: Mongolian Youth Development Services Center (MYDSC); Princess Center; The Judicial General Council of Mongolia;

Nepal: Association of Youth Organisations Nepal; CWIN Nepal; Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal; Saathi; Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE); Youth for Human Rights Campaign Nepal;

Pakistan: Alive Hope School; Aware Girls; Chanan Development Association (CDA); Chand Welfare Foundation; Coalition on Rights and Responsibilities of Youth; Community Research & Development Organization; Dark is Divine; Deep Foundation Pakistan Reg; Fatima Education and Development Foundation; Hayat Foundation; Holly Human Development Organization Pakistan Reg; Human Resources Organization Working for Human Welfare; Human Rights and Development Organization (HRDO); Ittefaq Welfare Organization; Karacki Public Model School; Minority Development Council Pakistan Reg; Natara Natak; Potobar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA); Social Development Organization Reg; Society for Appraisal & Women Empowerment in Rural Areas (SAWERA); Society for Empowerment & Environmental Protection (SEEP); Support Humanity Organization; Youth for Peace And Democracy (YPD); The Young Changemakers; Zephaniah Free Education;

Philippines: Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center, Inc.; CGM; Jabez Christian School; Lake Shore Educational Institution (LSEI); Laura Vicuña Foundation Inc.; Zion Academy of Carmona;

Singapore: YWCA Singapore;

South Africa: African Leadership;

Taiwan: Haxstrong; Taipei American School; The Garden of Hope Foundation

Tajikistan: “Hamadoni Muzafar” Learning Center; PO “Marifatnoki”; Marifatnoki; Tajikistan National NGO Association

Turkey: International Children’s Center;

Turkmenistan: Public Organization “Yenme”

Vietnam: Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender-Family-Women and Adolescent (GSAGA)

Yemen: Democracy School

About the Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope Foundation is a non-government organization founded in Taiwan in 1988 with a mission to help women and children who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic violence. The Garden of Hope runs shelters, service stations, call centers and employment programs for women and girls in Taiwan, Cambodia and the United States. We also counsel pregnant teenagers and vulnerable youths, and campaign for the rights of women and girls. Ten years ago, we launched the Formosan Day of the Girl to empower Taiwanese girls, help break down the stereotypes surrounding them, and encourage Taiwanese girls to achieve their full potential. When the UN made October 11 the International Day of the Girl Child this year, we at the Garden of Hope decided to mark the occasion by launching an Asia-wide campaign to mobilize support for the Day of the Girl, and focus on the specific problems facing Asian girls.

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