Award Nominee: Manisha Mirzoeva

Name: Manisha Mirzoeva

Organisation: NGO Marifatnoki


(1) Member of Young Leaders Programme

(2) Volunteer at Marifatnoki

(3) Debate tournament award Recipient


I am Manisha Mirzoeva and I’m 12 this year. Being a leader in class, I try to organize interclass competitions every week for every subject that we study. I am also in the YLP program and am working as volunteer in NGO Marifatnoki. I know Tajik, Russian, Uzbek language and am currently trying to learn English. I want to be an ambassador in the future so that I’ll be able to travel to other countries to learn more about different cultures and traditions while promoting mine.

I have organized two projects in remote villages in Rasht district where 80% of the girls don’t have post-secondary school education. My first project was titled ” 40 jobs are few for one girl”. It stationed girls who don’t study to the sewing center where they were provided with 4 sewing machines. They eventually learned how to make dresses and made lots of traditional national dresses. This brought them a lot of benefits. My second project was titled “Involving girls in sport”. I organized games between the girls from the Young Leaders program and those from remote school #60. They were equipped with sport uniforms, balls and sport equipment to play in the volleyball game that was organized. I also helped them form groups that they could play volleyball games with throughout the country.

From the debate competitions that I have engaged in, I learned things such as public speaking, critical thinking, self-confidence and leadership, negotiation, interviewing, creative and research skills. These debates are relevant as it involved themes such as whether mothers should stay at home to take care of their children, to the rights and freedom of girls and whether women should take the main role in the community with respect to Tajikistan.

In the future, I would like to organize short courses to teach girls about human Rights, democracy in countries, volunteerism and leadership skills, getting them more involved in high schools and the use of new technology. I strongly believe that I can change their mindsets and their lives.