Speaking out against the Nigerian kidnapping

Poem by an Asian Girl

Speak up

Syeda Rumana Mehdi, Associate Editor, The Peace Gong & ‘A’ Level (Cambridge System), The Lyceum School

Mongolian Young Lady Supporting the Nigerian Girls

Mongolian Young Lady Supporting the Nigerian Girls

I saw you standing there,

Looking at me while I shed tears of despair,

You just stood and watched with unblinking eyes,

You watched as no one paid any heed to my cries,

You witnessed everything that happened,

You stared as my steady grip on hope slackened,

I waited for you to come forward and rescue me,

But your white lips are all that I see,

Your silence was worse than a vicious sword,

This insensitive silence will never reap any reward,

How can you quietly watch this barbaric act?

Why don’t you do something to keep my honor intact?

More sex slaves,

more prostitution and more degradation of the daughters of Eve,

You burn irreplaceable holes in the tapestry of love and happiness that we weave,

I don’t know what the future holds,

Probably an agonizing life of torture from what I’m told,

I’ll die a thousand deaths every day,

My charred soul will be a spectacle to display,

Because of your silence,

happiness and love from 300 lives shall be lost,

Yet you don’t realize what your uncaring attitude can cost,

We raise our quivering hands towards Heaven and pray,

That at least one of you shall have something to say,

Help us become the phoenix that is reborn from its ashes,

Otherwise we’ll become the sand castles that cease to exist every time a vicious wave crashes.

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