The International Day of the Girl Child campaign in Mongolia

Mongolia’s Princess Center launched a month-long International Day of the Girl Child campaign on Oct, 11 2013.

The International Day of the Girl Child campaign, Mongolia

  1. Media: The Princess Center held a press conference at the MN25 TV press conference hall and distributed press releases to more than 30 media representatives. The press conference was vibrant and the journalists in attendance were enthusiastic to learn about the background of the cause and its current status in Mongolia. The press conference was a success, as the public received information about the International Day of the Girl Child, and Mongolian campaign in particular. After the official launch of the campaign, the Princess Center used social media platforms (Facebook and twitter) to regularly update the public and keep people interested in the campaign. Campaigners have also given many interviews to different TV stations.

pic 2







2. Visibility: Logos, posters, and stickers were developed by the Princess Centre and Beautiful Hearts Campaign. Each year, they will use different internationally recognized colors to raise awareness of fundamental human rights. For example, this year the theme is “Stop girl child sexual abuse!” and they used dark turquoise in the campaign.

pic 3

  1. Postcard Advocacy Campaign: As planned, they are running the Prevention and Advocacy Campaign in seven rural and peri-urban schools. A total of 25 campaigners from the Princess Center and the Beautiful Hearts Campaign is running the activity until November 2.

For more photos, view here, here, and here.

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