Judges’ Comments for the Asian Girl Human Rights Award

Thansila Muyyarikkandy:

“I see great courage, strong leadership and a young mind full of innovative ideas in Thansila. She leads her peers to explore the world of democracy and fight for child rights while helping children strive to improve their livelihood through a micro bank. Her country and the outside world also get to know more about their causes through the messages she sends from the children’s newspaper, Peace Gong.”

–Hsin-hsin Yang

Zehra Shah

“Zehra has demonstrated tremendous courage and leadership in promoting girl rights, civic education among girls and women and job training in various empowerment programs. She is highly-motivated, self-confident, independent and passionate in sharing her beliefs with the young despite strong criticism from male adults.”

–Hsin-hsin Yang

Shraddha Mahat

“I nominate her for the ambassador position, on the basis of her courage, bravery, and her bold efforts for empowering girls. At the same time she is very transparent about the challenges she faces, such as convincing families. She has the platform and courage to continue her work on a larger scale.”

–Gulalai Ismail

Tserenbaljir Mandakh

“She has a great deal of passion on the girls’ rights issues in the region and she is committed to expand her horizons. I am confident, as a survivor of domestic violence and a teen mother, she can have an impact on the lives of many, not only in Mongolia, but elsewhere. She has grown tremendously in the past years as a young leader.”

–Munkhjin Tsogt

Hoai Chu Thi Thu

“Domestic violence did not weaken Hoai. On the contrary, she became stronger and joined volunteer work to encourage girls and women to fight against violence. Her story will indeed motivate listeners to rethink human rights values. I have no doubt that someday she will become a good lawyer as she plans to defend the rights of girls and women and serve disadvantaged people.”

–Hsin-hsin Yang 

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