“The Future is yours” Charity

“The Future is yours” Charitable, Social NGO started its activities in 2003 by implementing projects in such important areas such as Education, Culture, Social, Civil Society, Human Rights, Environment, as well as projects aimed at development of voluntary service in Armenia and others.

The organization implements a wide range of educational, informative and cultural projects in Yerevan and regions of Armenia as well as international and regional projects on developing legal consciousness of the youth. As an important premise for further development of the society we consider the increase of education and awareness level of the youth. 


Cultural and intercultural education of the youth

Raise the awareness level of the society and the level of participatory process

Raise the education level of the growing generation

Solution of the problems existing in the social sphere of the Republic

Increase of the voluntary activities, coordination and development in the Republic

Cultural and educational dialogue between the societies of the countries of our region


The Organization by using various new methods of teaching is conducting Interactive courses, roundtable discussions, debates and meetings with the participation of the youth of Yerevan and the regions of Armenia on ongoing base. High School teachers and University professors of Armenia are also enrolled in various courses conducted by the Organization. They benefit from receiving consultations, materials and new learning methods, and implement the received skills in their everyday work.
As a high priority of its activities the organization considers the Regional Projects oriented on bringing together the regional priorities. The Organization is implementing regional projects for increasing the educational level and awareness, by Overcoming Mutual understanding, fostering the Intercultural Dialogue in our region and oriented on the cooperation of Civil Societies Institutions and the communities of the countries of the region.
“The Future is Yours” Charitable Social NGO is also conducting a wide range of social sphere activities, by implementing educational and cultural projects, with participation of vulnerable groups, children from orphanages, boarding schools as well as children from public schools, teenagers and youngsters. The organization’s objective is to integrate the vulnerable groups and the children from orphanages and boarding schools into the society, to increase their educational level and to create interaction with culture and art through educational cultural projects.
The organization conducts activities in development of Voluntary service in Armenia by implementing projects directed on increasing the role of Volunteerism in Armenia, its involvement in various spheres of community life.

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