Xi’an Philanthropic Child Abuse Prevention & Aid Centre


Xi’an Philanthropic Child Abuse Prevention & Aid Centre, a non-profit organization under the auspices of Shaanxi Provincial Red Cross, was officially registered in 2006 for the advancement and protection of at-risk children in China. It is the first and only organization in all of Mainland to have child abuse prevention and treatment as its sole focus. The purpose of CAPAC is to provide cost-free medical care and counseling for children who have experienced abuse or neglect, as well as to provide community-based prevention efforts through the training of teachers, social workers, law enforcement officers, and children. 
Under the support of the Government, the Center carried out a lot of works. In these years, the Center has provided treatment for the abused children for 3587 times. The inpatients were 198 and outpatients were 210 and the outreach services have been provided for 3170 times. The public education activities were carried out for more than 50 times and 158,000 pieces of materials have been given for the public. More than 80 trainings have been conducted through these years. 

Our Vision 
Our vision is of a world in which all children grow and develop in a sound way, both mentally and physically – without any cruelty. 

Our Mission 
To pioneer efforts in child abuse prevention, as well as to provide holistic treatment for children who have experienced child abuse and neglect. 

Our Programs 
Medical Treatments 
Provide free medical treatment for victims of child abuse 
Psychological counseling 
Provide free psychological counseling and intervention for the victims of child 
Following Services 
Provide psychological counseling, intervention, legal aid and more for the victim 
of the family. 
Advocacy and planning concerning the issue of child custody and safe living in cases of abuse, with one child placed successfully in foster care. 

Public Education and Research 
Develop the materials about prevention of child abuse and conduct the public education activities and researches on child abuse. 
Training, cooperation and communication 
Train the police, doctors, social workers and other direct workers about the prevention, report, diagnosis, identification, treatment of child abuse. Cooperate and communicate with the professionals and agent abroad. 
Chun xiao Plan (Prevention Education in Xi’an Primary School) 
Develop a series of materials about prevention of child sexual abuse for the students, teachers and parents and conduct the pilot training about prevention child sexual abuse in primary schools in Xi’an. Build multi-disciplinary team to provide more comprehensive services for the victims of child abuse. 
Pilot communities 
Endow the residents of the communities with the knowledge about child abuse and neglect through training, public education activities, personal safety courses and so on. 

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