Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust is a Non-profit Organisation established in the year 2004 with the objective of developing the weaker people educationally, economically, socially, physically and psychologically.


Komala Sivakumar and Sujatha Sekar are young and qualified MBA professionals with a specialized post graduate diploma in Social Entrepreneurship. The duo, had been sensitive about the concerns of the economically poor children and disabled people in the society and had been doing self initiated philanthropic work since they were students. They choose to devote their management and entrepreneurship skills towards changing lives of underprivileged people. In 2004, the cherished dream of Sujatha and Komala converted into a reality when ‘Iniya Udaiyam Charitable Trust’ (IUCT) got registered under Public Charitable Trust Act in Chennai, India.


“Creating a conducive social environment where the individual can lead a peaceful and splendid life”


“Literacy, social awareness, self-support, community health, empowering and motivating the people to the betterment of society.”

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