Hope and Help NGO


Hope & Help (H&H) is a non-governmental organization established by a group of enthusiastic physicians and psychologists in 1998. The Board members of the H&H are proficient physicians, psychologists, teachers, and sociologists.  

The H&H is a registered public and non-profit charity organization which acts thanks to voluntary participation of its members and associates.

H&H NGO has branches in Lori marz (Vanadzor), Tavush marz (Noyemberyan) and representative in c. Gyumri.


To promote improvement and protection of health of the population through the implementation of healthcare and social programs.


To promote improvement and protection of sexual, reproductive and mental health of Republic of Armenia population through public awareness raising and training activities. Beneficiaries of the NGO are the youth, women, orphans, homeless, physically disabled, etc.

The NGO works in the following directions:

1. Advocacy

2. HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction among Adolescent, Youth, Public at Large, High Risk Groups – Women, Female Sex Workers (FSW).

3. Prevention of Trafficking, Support for Victims of Trafficking and Social Rehabilitation

4. Voluntary repatriation and humanitarian reintegration of migrants and refugees

5. Youth Exchange Program

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