Haxstrong is a charity organization based within the Kaohsiung community. We provide emotional, psychological and financial support to individuals who find themselves in dire need due to unfortu- nate circumstances such as accidents or disease.

Our work began when Gregg Haxton had a terrible motorbike accident in 2010 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He suffered severe physical injuries which also resulted in great emotional and psychological trauma, not to mention the huge financial burden of the necessary treatments.

It was the love and support from his friends and the community what helped him on his way to recovery. Today, Haxstrong has grown to be an important movement within the community which aides other people in similar need.


As Haxstrong, we aim to:

• Be a source of emotional support and encouragement to individuals and families who are going through difficult experiences.

• Help alleviate the financial burden that usually arises with tragic events.

• Assist people on their journey towards a full recovery from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas resulting from personal misfortune.


Haxstrong seeks to become a pillar of unity and support within our community. We aim to be the medium through which people can connect, organize and help each other. Whichever the circumstan- ces, we want people to know that they are not alone; they have someone to count on.

Our work:

Creating Support Networks:

Haxstrong encourages people to get acquainted and involved with those in need. This involves occasional visits or simply the sending of messages or gifts filled with love and encouragement. We know that these small gestures – from friends or strangers – make a great difference to our friends.

Case – Specific Events:

We organize events around particular cases to raise funds and awareness on our friends’ situations. The events provide a channel to engage or keep the people already involved updated and foster our community support efforts.

Financial Aid:

Haxstrong distributes the money raised from donations and other activities among our friends currently in need. Unfortunate events such as accidents and disease already carry a big emotional and psychological burden. We hope that by aiding with bill payments, we can alleviate at least some of the stress of the situation.

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