Public Organization “Marifatnoki” is a youth organization and the projects are implemented by youths of Rasht Valley in Tajikistan. The mission of organization is to improve the level of Youth Education, cultivate in them leadership skills, and find volunteering possibility for youth in our region. Currently, our major projects are: Young Leader Program and English Access Micro scholarship Program which educates more than 160 teenagers every year in different communities (jamoats) of our remote district, Rasht. Because of the low attendance of girls in school and other educational activities in remote places of Tajikistan, we always try to involve and encourage girls to join our classes, activities and we try to maintain a gender balance. In 2007, only one girl applied to our program, but now about half the number of participants in our program are girls.

This year, within Young Leader Program, we taught civic education courses to 160 youths, 80 boys and 80 girls, youth ages of 13 to 18, in three jamoats of Rasht Valley. The youths are educated in subjects like volunteerism, leadership skills, community services, responsible citizenship, democracy, gender balance, religion and rights, government, presentation, public speaking, negotiation, debating and mediation skills. These youths come together to discuss and debate the issues problems we have in our country, especially on human rights, rights of girls in family, in our remote religious district. Many of our students are girls who are from poor families. They are very clever and active, compared to the boys. In our English Access program classes, our girls start speaking English fluently within six months and their knowledge of English today enable them to be active pupils in their communities. The English language is also a great tool for protection of their rights.

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