The Asian Girl Campaign Volunteer Team (2)

The Asia Girl Campaign would not be successful without a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and efficient volunteers, contributing their professional talents and insights to bringing girls’ rights related activities and news from organizer, campaign partners, and elsewhere.

We want you to get to know this great team!


Hello ! This is Deborah Ahn from Korea. Now, I am studying International Relations at National Taiwan University.

I am glad that I have met GOH during my college life here in Taiwan. I am volunteering as a Korean-English translator.

And I am really proud of myself being GOH’s volunteer and able to help GOH to contact with Korean NGOs.

I hope the Asian Girl Campaign can successfully be launched these following years.



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Gina Song pic


Hello, my name is Gina Song. I am of Taiwanese-Chilean descent but grew up in Paraguay, South America. I majored in Political Science & International Relations under an Arts Degree in Australia. I love nature, concerts, books and spicy food. I don’t like the word YOLO and onions in my sandwiches.




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Stephen R


Hello! My name is Stephen Rowe (羅思帝) and in the fall I will start my third year of college at the University of Virginia. I am a Chinese Language and Literature major and am taking classes at Shi Da (師大) this summer. It has been great living in Taipei and I am excited for what the future holds.

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