Society for Empowerment and Environmental Protection (SEEP)

SEEP, located in Punjab, Pakistan, works to strengthen communities against disasters and poverty while increasing sustainable livelihood options. Created by a young group of people in Lahore District in 2005, SEEP seeks solutions in poverty alleviation and environmental protection. Their aim is to create “an environmentally healthy and sustainable world where opportunities are accessible and resources are equal for everyone, especially children and women regardless of boundaries.”

SEEP employs participatory gender balanced approaches to help marginalized people benefit from the development process. Some of the specific goals the NGO is working towards are to improve health and hygiene, develop infrastructure to increase access, ensure the use of safe drinking water, and improve conservation efforts for greater environmental protection. By focusing on the intersection of different operational objectives, SEEP is also working to empower women in the community and focus on maternal and infant health care.

Some of the strategies SEEP uses to achieve their goals are focusing on environmentally sensitive development, keeping communities involved and participating in development efforts, promoting organic farming and traditional agriculture, and gender sensitization. The non-profit also raises awareness on basic rights and encourages the participation of women in political, economic, and social development. SEEP employs these strategies while maintaining their core values of respect and equality.

Since 2005, SEEP has already taken many concrete steps towards their goals and implemented many projects to help their community and country. For instance, in 2012, with the help f Plan Pakistan & Actionaid, they were able to map the most at risk adolescents in Lahore. They have provided many resources to help alleviate poverty and difficulties related to disasters. In 2011 SEEP provided 5,000 bags of compost to flood-effected farms in the Muzafar Garh region in Punjab and in the same and previous year provided 3,000 Kg of bio mineral packets to 1,000 livestock farms in Pakistan to increase milk production. SEEP has also made great strides in waste collection and management in the region.

SEEP is proudly comprised of experienced members who have worked with other international agencies and has built up strong trust within the communities it serves. The team can communicate in all local languages and has achieved and maintains gender equity on all levels. This unique organization continues to better their local communities while maintaining transparency and documentation of its projects.


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